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 Administrative Staff Salary and Benefits Survey
 2014 - 2015   FY15


Welcome to the FY15 (2014—2015) Administrative Staff Salary and Benefits online survey.

  • The deadline for the survey is Friday January 23, 2015.
    We are unable to grant extensions beyond this deadline.

  • There will not be a proof book this year, so please make sure that you
    enter your information accurately and review it before sending it off to us.

FOR COMPLETE AND DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS, MEMBER ID, PASSWORD, AND INFORMATION ABOUT THIS YEAR'S SURVEY - please refer to the email sent to executive directors or contact Danny Morris in the Knowledge Center - dmorris@americanorchestras.org - for assistance.

If you encounter technical difficulties in opening the survey please read Technical Requirements for Online Administrative Staff Salary and Benefits survey: Click here to download document.

Access to the Survey and Login

To access the data-entry portion of the survey, you will need to enter your orchestra's League member ID and the password that was emailed to your orchestra's executive director. This will permit only individuals associated with your orchestra to access your survey data. If you are unsure of your League member ID and password, please contact the Knowledge Center at dmorris@americanorchestras.org.



Click this link and then press Print on your Browser to print a blank copy of the survey to use as your working copy. However, remember that only online survey submissions will be included in the final reports.


Use the TAB KEY or MOUSE CURSOR to move from cell to cell. Do not hit "Enter" as it will take you to the Quit Survey screen.

Important: Never exit the survey using the "X" in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, or the File - Close command on your Browser. Select Quit Survey at the bottom of any page to end your session and make certain your data is saved.

You may Quit Survey at any time and return to the survey later.

When you have completed all data entries, print a final copy for your files and select the Finalize button. Your data will be locked and sent to the Knowledge Center. If at some point you need to go back into the survey, once you have submitted your data, you must contact Jan in the Knowledge Center to unlock your survey.


IMPORTANT: In order to save your entries, you must move from page to page using the continue button at the bottom of every page. The program will save your entries when you select CONTINUE. Even if you do not enter data on a page you must select Continue. Until you finalize and submit your data, you may delete or correct any information at any time. If you leave the survey, your data will be saved and you may return to it at another time.

Survey Sections

  1. Staff Positions by Department 1. Indicate the TOTAL number of both FT and PT administrative and artistic staff (not musicians) in each department. The total number of staff you indicate on this page may not match the number of positions you complete within the salary portion of the survey. For this section, however, please enter your TOTAL numbers of staff. Do not include musicians in this section.

    ****—Your orchestra may have reduced staff salaries this year. On this page, indicate the percentage of salary or pay reductions for executive director, music director, and all other administrative staff. Do not include musicians. When reporting salaries in the Department Staff Positions section, please indicate the salary amount with appropriate reductions applied.

    ****—Indicate the number of voluntary and involuntary staff turnovers by department. Voluntary is defined as those who have resigned of their own volition. All other departures are defined as involuntary.

  2. Benefits - This section is divided into four categories for employee benefits:
    • Staff/Administrative Benefits — exclude the executive director.
    • Musician Benefits — exclude the music director.
    • Top Manager Benefits (executive director) — ***please be certain to complete***
      # of Years in Orchestra Administration
      # of Years in Current Position
      Top Manager title and Top Manager reporting structure
    • Principal Music Director/Conductor Benefits — ***please be certain to complete***
      # of Years Conducting
      # of Years at Current Orchestra
      Principal Conductor/Music Director's title and Principal Conductor/Music Director reporting structure

    NOTE: If your orchestra provides the indicated benefit, select "YES" and indicate the percentage paid by both the orchestra and/or the employee. The page is set to default to "NO" if you leave the cell blank. Enter a "zero" if you need to make a change or delete an entry once you've entered data in a cell. For each of the benefits categories above, indicate benefits currently provided by your orchestra for both full-time and/or part-time employees for the particular benefit.

  3. Departmental Staff Positions (Salary data) - 3. In this section you will be asked to provide salary and other data for individuals in various departments. Please read the position descriptions carefully and match your staff to the position that best describes that individual's responsibilities. Unlike previous salary surveys, you will not find a position for every member of your organization's staff. Enter data for one individual only even if a position is staffed by two or more individuals.

    ** A column has been added to allow you to enter the % of full-time for each position.

    ** A column has been added on the Artistic Staff Positions page to include the number of weeks employed for all conducting staff positions.

    ** There are two columns which ask you to indicate the #1 and #2 positions within the department. Please include this data, if available.

Each section is indicated in the upper right-hand corner of the survey and utilizes a pull-down menu to allow you to go directly to the area you want to complete. Select the Continue button at the bottom of each page to move to the next section.


Reporting salaries: Report only annual budgeted salaries. If salary reductions were made in 14-15, indicate the salary amounts after appropriate reductions were applied. If part-time personnel are paid hourly, weekly, monthly, or per-service, please indicate your best estimate of the total annual budgeted salary figure for the 2015 season.

Salary data should mirror the amounts reported in your 2014-2015 expense budget. Salaries should be gross amounts only and not include fringe benefits, deferred compensation, incentives, extras, or perks.

Footnotes: If you need to include a brief note about a particular position or salary in this section, please use the Footnotes box provided at the bottom of each departmental section and include the Position Code. Footnotes will not appear in the final reports.

Data format: Please provide information in the greatest detail possible. Figures should be rounded up to the next whole dollar amount, and should be entered without dollar signs or commas. Do NOT include cents. Example: $34,560.89 should be rounded to 34561 and entered as 34561.

Do not feel that you must enter data on every page or cell. You may find that you will skip several pages at a time if the data requested does not pertain to your orchestra or you have no employee in a particular position. For vacant positions, include anticipated budgeted salary information for the position, where applicable.


At the bottom of each page, you will be asked to select one of three choices:

  1. CONTINUE - Data is saved and you may move on to the next page.
  2. PRINT - Data is saved. A printer-friendly version of the page you have just completed will be displayed. Select the Printer button on your Browser to print. Then, use the Back arrow button to return to the survey. Select Continue to move to the next page.
    1. LOGOUT - Data is saved. I will return to the survey at a later date and/or time.
    2. PRINT COMPLETED SURVEY - Survey is reformatted for printing and will be displayed on a single screen with all responses shown.
    3. FINALIZE - Data is saved and locked and you wish to submit your entire survey to the League's Knowledge Center. Contact the Knowledge Center to unlock the FINALIZED data if revisions to be made after submitting the survey.

When you have completed the survey and are ready to lock your data and submit it to the Knowledge Center, please follow the instructions for FINALIZING (step 3C above).

If you have questions or encounter any difficulties, please contact:

Danny Morris — 646-822-4019 or dmorris@americanorchestras.org

Please Remember

  • The deadline for the survey is Friday January 23, 2015.
    We are unable to grant extensions beyond this deadline.

  • There will not be a proof book this year, so please make sure that you
    enter your information accurately and review it before sending it off to us.

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